About Me

I intend to keep this section true to the headline - About Me 

If you are interested in my past public and professional life, its all somewhere on the internet.

As you might have guessed by now, I have a certain passion for philosophy and certain ideals I appreciate and adore. Even though I'm failing them as well quite regularly, but that doesn’t mean one shouldn’t aim for them.

Now many people would say philosophy and business don’t have much in common, I would completely disagree as in my opinion as the earlier defines how to go about what we go about. 

As a true marketeer I will only immerse myself in things that serve a purpose, or in other words, are of value to other people and have significance.

My passion lies in creating and supporting valuable business propositions and ventures around technology and service innovation that bring benefits to businesses and people.

However the livelong work challenge I have chosen is centred around people, culture and organisational behaviour and their required evolution or revolution, which are now more crucial than ever before in any business or undertaking where people come together for something more than just status, self importance and money.

I believe in the discipline of entrepreneurship, or in other words, doing things by design and not by choices offered by others. 

"An entrepreneur defines his or her desired reality at a high personal cost and unbroken commitment"

My full respect to people who dare out of conviction, relentless drive and an antifragile educated guess, not to please a foolish ego.


Andreas Hipp
Founder & Apprentice


About Incipio

Incipio stems from the Latin language and means "to begin".

Entrepreneurship will play and ever increasing part in global economies and in people's lives as we approach the "End of Jobs" in the coming decades.  Since the year 2000, global population growth has outpaced job growth 2.4 times and the gap is widening as we head to the midst of the 21st century. 

At the same time the pure capitalistic approach to business that developed in the 1980's and 90's and still holds strong, caused more damage than good to society, making some richer but a lot poorer.  These irresponsible behaviours will become riskier and more dangerous in an increasingly globalised world.  

To address these two challenging global developments is at the heart of Incipio's founding proposition. We look at entrepreneurship from a much broader perspective, keeping the human and society in mind and not just the financial outcomes. For us there are different approaches to create enterprises or ecosystems which provide sustainable prosperity and do not cause immiseration as a consequence.

You won't find any fancy buzzwords here nor are we chasing Unicorns, but there are others out there who do if you are after that or think you have one. For us they do exist, like Black Swans and Pokemon, but are just simply too rare to bet on.

We are a start-up facilitator and accelerator in the communication technology, software and service industry, supporting ambitious and creative entrepreneurs to bring their vision to life or stop them in time.

For medium and larger enterprises, we look at start-up culture development or redevelopment, organisational evolution or revolution to allow creativity and mind to flourish and not being suffocated by politics and other unnecessary corporate behaviours. 

If you are about to embark on what probably will be the most life changing experience or need to rebuilt your organisation to meet what lies ahead and see value in what we do and stand for, please get in touch.

But make sure you mean it before you do. For more about what it takes please click here.