Team building

What a name for a day off paid by the company.

The box issue

Thinking outside the box that wasn’t there in the first place. 

Work – Life Balance

Work is part of life like everything else and not a separate thing. We have an issue when work invades our personal time but not the other way around. But we never see it that way. There is also Bank in Life and when the balance is out of tune, life is bad as well.


Sounds to me like the sound in my head after a long night out.

Moving the goal post

Everything in live progresses and changes. Just because we don’t like it, it’s not unfair. Just be as flexible as you are with the minutes of the lunch hour.

Work Hard – Play Hard

The opposite of play is not work — the opposite of play is depression.
Couldn’t have said it better: Quote from - Brian Sutton-Smith

 Andreas Hipp