Even within seasoned technology companies, who at least pretend to be leaders in innovation, one finds that many purchase decisions go to the established vendors. How can one preach innovation, yet live the opposite? 

Why establish an incubation department to support start-ups, with a view of integrating or buying them with all the risk associated, yet not take a leap of faith when choosing suppliers or partners?

To make it worse, I was recently presented with the same attitude from start-ups themselves. Renouncing your own kind?  

Children don’t do that. They always explore the newest stuff and go for it. Not necessarily because they don't know better, want to be cool or just difficult. They embrace new and better things more than grown-ups and live with the potential consequences. 

We have lost that appetite for risk, as the price of failure or being wrong became too high in our social and professional environment. 

This is a certain path towards the end of innovation - sad really.

Andreas Hipp       

"Let's get SAFELY to certain demise"

One wonders why people so often explore new technologies and solutions, attend innovation and start-up events and seminars to, in the end, buy the safe “IBM” (just an example) type brand.