Incipio is pleased to announce that it has expanded its practice area into the international telecom M&A sector as the market cries out for consolidation.

Be proactive, not reactive when it comes to identifying your next acquisition. Let us help you in the hunt for the target company that will fuel your corporate growth strategy.

Thinking about the future of your business and believe investment would be required to take it to the next level or looking for an exit? We can help find the right acquirer.

Our 25+ years of experience working at and with C-Levels in multiple areas of telecoms on all continents, means that we know the telecom industry inside and out, and are also connected with all the decision makers, from carriers to connectivity companies and vendors, large and small.

We are best placed to support a consolidation that is long overdue. It is time to have fewer but healthier companies in this very competitive segment that requires scale!

Be efficient and structured when it comes to your next acquisition or divestment and let us help you quickly identify targets or acquirers that will be the perfect fit to drive your growth or make your hard work tangible.

We know the business, the people and the technology – we can help you stay on top of the M&A wave.

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Andreas Hipp