Matthew & Lucia

Being entrepreneurs ourselves for the last couple of years after working for medium size and large companies, we understand what it takes to create and build something of your own.

Our personal engagement in Incipio is very exciting as we can be part of new, innovative ventures and contribute to their success.  

Ilex Content Strategies is a content marketing agency serving technology and telecoms brands globally.

We combine the right mix of Editorial Content, Public Relations, Social Media and Advertising to create cohesive consistent content that ensures clients stand out. Our integrated marketing campaigns drive efficiency, consistency and give organisations multiple touch points to influence their audiences.

Ilex services companies from Start-Ups through to global brands in Asia, Africa, the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Our 'sweet spot' is developing new markets and taking brands global. For our clients, we are an extension of their internal team. Our passion, creativity and expertise sets us apart.

Ilex believes that innovating without communication limits the potential of too many young businesses. We help our clients to accelerate growth with purposeful and creative content that supports long-term development.

Everything we do is strategic. Ilex is not tied to a single tactic or one way of approaching meeting an objective. We look at the challenges our clients have then create a strategy for getting the results they need. As we don’t need to sell a tactic, we are free to explore the best possible solutions for our clients.

 Matthew & Lucia