​​Muishfique Manzoor

“Sometimes you have to go a long way, out of the way, in order to come back a short distance correctly.”- like for many others around the world, it so true in my life!

Being the adventurous type I have always chosen the path not trodden by many. I am always fascinated by consumers and their ever changing needs and desires. It took me a while that to figure that I am also fascinated by, among a plethora of things, the changes technology can bring in the lives of people in meeting those needs and desires. Combining these two I have been immersing myself in creating things that matter, serve a purpose, are unique and offer value. My passion for international business and travel also adds a layer to this effort.

At Incipio my objective is to put the consumers first in our efforts for creating and supporting valuable business propositions and ventures around technology and service innovation.