Why some can’t sleep!

Why some can’t sleep? Let’s assume it’s not because of hunger or the sirens of an approaching airstrike, but rather it is because of hundreds of thoughts that start rushing through ones’ mind, which generates a subtle urge that flips ones’ eyes open, while an invisible pull drags he or she to its feet brining almost a smile of excitement to their face.

​The Entrepreneur

IF YOU THINK you have a great idea, you want to be your own boss and run your own business, here are a few pointers to what is needed from you besides that idea. 

​The End of Jobs

Global population growth has outpaced job growth by 2.4 times since 2000 and this number is set to increase going forward........

​The Beauty Of Trying

The Beauty of trying is failing, as it's the only true and factual feedback on any undertaking one ever gets. 

The Entrepreneur that isn't one!

I often hear about people having made a brave move to join a start-up instead of a relatively safe position in a large corporation. But in reality, the perceived safety of large companies is no more than an illusion, bearing in mind that the entity might be around for long, but its people might not.