The fears that haunt leaders today

The fear of a smarter underling
The fear of one's weaknesses being found out
The fear of nonsense decisions being discovered


​Blind Obedience is NOT Respect!

Did you know that your obedience level is largely culturally influenced by your place of origin and not by the family circumstance you have been brought up in?

​The Conscious Freak

There has been and I’m sure will be much more written about the type
of people you will find in any organisation. The spectrum ranges from 
four to seven different types, maybe even more according to some 


The Incentives Curse

I’m sure you heard or even worse asked the question yourself: 

What’s in it for me? What’s the benefit, the reward, the incentive you offer me for doing something……


The word “Shortcut” usually has a negative connotation to it as it is perceived as someone taking an unfair approach to something or skipping mandatory steps unlike all the others who follow the rule or procedure.