The word “Shortcut” usually has a negative connotation

to it as it is perceived as someone taking an unfair

approach to something or skipping mandatory steps

unlike all the others who follow the rule or procedure.

And for sure there are areas where you do not want someone to take a shortcut, like for your own heart transplant operation or the aircraft maintenance team only spot checking the plane you are about to take.

However, there is a substantial amount of areas in our fast paced world where they make sense if not being essential for progress. We have laid down a lot of rules and processes in our societies and businesses which are either outdated or impractical and hinder advancement at the speed required.

Rules and processes are actually meant to serve the human society, yet often they fail to do so as my simple illustration on the top shows.

Clearly no one considered the actual route people take, but built a path that looked orderly and geometrically aligned with the road layout around.

But people will find their desired route and follow it because it makes sense and that ignorance of the laid out path or rules is not a rebellion but a statement that rules, where really needed, have to work for people and not the other way around.

In many cases shortcuts do not harm at all but work very much in favour of everyone. It’s a skill in people we should encourage. Someone who can see the end much closer than others by blending out all the usually man made obstacles blurring or disguising our view of what is actually so near, is a gifted WoMan.

Maybe when we see them performing their successful shortcuts we are just envious hence we don’t like them.

For me they are a blessing as they are a reflection of our human nature which in essence does means well. There will always be abuse like with everything and everywhere else and even rules can’t stop that. Rules and laws often make people actually more creative in a negative way, where a rule doesn’t cover a specific point which common sense law would have it in the same “no-go” category rather than making it a legally ok exception. 

To be able to get through life and work in the most efficient and struggle-free manner, without causing harm or abusing others, is a noble endeavour which I encourage and shortcuts are one of them. They free up time and keep the mind and spirit up as people are not poisoned by irrelevant tasks and mind-numbing activities in the name of process and rule.

Andreas Hipp