Start-Up Enablement

NOT STARTING a business one shouldn't is as important as STARTING a business one should. Criticising the Business Plan is a painful but essential part of this process one has to go through. 

Often entrepreneurs, especially first time ones, are too in love with their own idea that they miss some basic essential checks about the soundness of the endeavour as well as the conditions of the market environment. In this ideological stage of a future business we will provide insights, feedback and guidance on the idea and the chosen market place.

We will also look at the planned organisational composition to deliver as this is as crucial if not more than the idea itself, which will not come to life without proper execution. Incipio wants to stay with its clients all along the journey and not walk away after the initial work is done. 

Types of businesses we specialise in

Mobile Application Development, Communication Services and Technology, Consumer and Enterprise Software Applications and any other products and services that involve some level of technology.

We provide

​Part time project or continues resources

A different view

Business plan review and analyses for start-up's and investors

​Analyse innovation and change potential of existing organisations 

Develop integration strategy, roadmaps and plans for embedding

a start up in an existing business.

"Go-To-Market Strategy development and implementation

Leadership and Management team reviews

Interim CEO / Leadership placements

Our partner for Public Relation services as an important part of any "Go-to-Market" strategy development and implementation, is Ilex Content Strategies covering not only Telecom Wholesale but also AI, UCaaS and SaaS for the IT Industry in general.