​The Beauty Of Trying.....

The Beauty of trying is failing!

It's the only true and factual feedback on

any undertaking one ever gets. 

I'm not talking about recklessness and irresponsibility, I'm talking about the little setbacks that help improve. If you always succeed you never know if you could actually have done better and might be pleased with the result, but potentially there could have been a much more impressive outcome. On top of that you don't know your luck ratio either, so if your venture fails you cannot say you were unlucky and if it succeeds, that you are just super capable. It’s paramount to know when one was lucky and to what degree.

If you based a lot of your outcome factors on fortune, it simply means you went gambling hoping for luck, but resting everything on meticulous planning in the expectation that all will work out that way is a big fallacy.  

One can only plan for the downsides and not the upsides. In Nassim Taleb's terms you have to try to be antifragile. One can never predict the upside as you have two unknowns, the level of luck and the future.

If you dare trying you have to mean it, i.e. have skin in the game, have something dear to loose.

There are many so called “pseudo entrepreneurs” who pretend but don't mean it. Many actually want to be as safe and cared for as employees are, without having a boss and no risk but gain. 

So if you try, be prepared to survive failing, failing many times.

Andreas Hipp