​​The Entrepreneur that isn’t one!

I often hear about people having made a brave move to join a start-up instead of a relatively safe position in a large corporation. But in reality, the perceived safety of large companies is no more than an illusion, bearing in mind that the entity might be around for long, but its people might not.

However, many who have made the jump to the dark side of start-up life, still get paid a good salary or maybe even more to make up for the employment uncertainty, which may actually not be less than in the place they just left.

They feel brave, even some sort of heroes, but the fact of it all is that they have often insured the increased risk with a higher pay and stock options.

Really, these people are no entrepreneurs and never will be, mainly because they were not part of the creation process, but rather only half bought the concept and purpose. They are afraid of taking personal risk as much as they are not afraid of risking investors’ funds. They are merely well insured scavengers getting in on the potential success of a company that delivers more than other jobs at equal exposure.

True entrepreneurs suffer with a smile, because they know it's going to be tougher than they ever thought it would be, but only forgot when they set out on that (ad)venture. True entrepreneurs sacrifice money, safety and time to relentlessly pursue their vision and objectives, no matter the cost. It looks like “collective insanity” to others and to oneself as well at times of struggle.

 True entrepreneurs are defined by 100% passion, 100% guts, 100% hard work with a touch of insanity.

 Andreas Hipp