"It doesn't matter if it's soccer, football or futbol. This game brings people together." 
                                                                                                                             Alex Morgan 

Sport connects individuals, goes beyond cultural, social differences. Technology facilitates this as well. It has a great role to play in our society which is a clear drive for me. 

What defines me is a multilingual and multicultural background, upbringing and life. It has shaped who I am. 

I'm passionate about international business that links people across countries and cultures. Throughout history, trading has been key in triggering contact with others - that's what attracted me to become an expert in the field of telecoms trading.

Globalisation helped by technology is bringing people closer together than they've ever been before. Nevertheless communicating effectively to lead to real agreement is still a challenge as gaps remain in the dialogue. 

Towards the success of bridging gaps lie some key beliefs I try to follow, such as putting myself in other people's shoes, staying honest and true to myself and aiming for mutual satisfaction.

By joining Incipio, my objective is to help with the launch and success of businesses, which means following common beliefs and objectives. 

‚ÄčThomas Cazacu