Our broken Systems

capitalism     - self destruction 
socialism       - self betrayal
communism - legalised self-destruction and theft whilst pretending it's for the greater good without defining who belongs to that greater.



Finally, I figured that only three things give people power; 

position - or the status derived from that, 
money - as not just things can be bought and 
despair – when one has nothing to lose anymore.
Anything in between is either irrelevant or already claimed by one of the other three.



Many people get their importance from or define themselves by the position they hold, or more correctly are defined by the position they occupy, rather than them defining the position because of who they are and not the title the position carries.
The other people don’t need a title but the make their standing in an organization or in society felt rather than expressed by the office or the title on the card. Only the position voluntarily recognised by others is truly deserved. 


​The Glass House


Technology has provided us with something great – communication and connectivity making us all connected and visible anytime and everywhere. Gone are the times of .......

Innovation Trap

So much effort and money goes into robotics and AI without us noticing that we are already controlled by some form of robots or other controlled intelligence. Otherwise would all these people follow artificial creatures to all sorts of locations voluntarily and even pay for it? The Pokemon is already in charge and not us, now imagine what will follow.


"Show me the money"

Motivational factors have been for long a highly-researched subject across many of its dimensions since around the 1940’s and 50’s. The most famous one of a general nature might be Maslow’s “Hierarchy of Needs” and my favourite more specifically looking at productivity is the “Two Factor Theory” from Frederick Herzberg. Both have one thing in common, money plays no or a tiny role and if, largely around being able to cater for the basic needs of life. ​​


"Dedication or Death"

Everything one embarks on needs absurd dedication and attention to only have a chance of succeeding, not to mention a guarantee that it will. Failing that, it will either slide sideways, if you are lucky, or just simply die.


"Let's get SAFELY to certain demise"

One wonders why people so often explore new technologies and solutions, attend innovation and start-up events and seminars to, in the end, buy the safe “IBM” (just an example) type brand.


​Too late

Every time you feel that someone can do the same as you, it's already too late to reinvent yourself. One always has to question and challenge one's own position even before you have comparisons or benchmarks.


"Lack of Class!"

There are still Trends and Hypes in business but at sheer absence of Style and Class at the same time.