Organisational & Transformational Work

Our transformational work includes building a start-up culture in existing businesses that struggle with innovation, staying ahead of competition and market developments, as well as executing the embedment of a start-up venture into a corporation structure without diluting its ability and freedom to think and explore. We also work on business integration during and after M&A activities.

For Organisational Evolution / Revolution​ work, we look at the company and team structures which do not perform anymore in the current market climate and where drastic change is required to stay relevant for customers and invigorate their own people at the same time. Incipio will also be part of the project during the implementation phase to support the probably most difficult part of transformation; executing change.

Types of businesses we specialise in

International Telecom Operators, Communication Service Providers, Technology Vendors.

We provide

​Support internationalisation of technology companies especially into APAC and MEA markets in regards to company set-up, Team sourcing and business development activities. 

Review and Analyses of the Organisational Structure in conjunction with

the business and its future objectives.

Part time project or continues resources

​A different view

Develop transformation or integration strategy, roadmaps and plans

"Go-To-Market" Strategy development and implementation

​Analyse innovation and change potential of existing organisations 

Culture challenge analyses of existing international organisations or after M&A

Gender and other discriminatory issue analyses

Leadership and Management team reviews

Interim CEO / Leadership placements

Our partner for Public Relation services as an important part of any "Go-to-Market" strategy development and implementation, is Ilex Content Strategies covering not only Telecom Wholesale but also AI, UCaaS and SaaS for the IT Industry in general. 

Our partners for Industry specific requirements in regards to product strategy, innovation and network evolution are Azenby in the Mobile Network Operator markets and HOT Telecom in regards to Wholesale Operators or business divisions.